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In Rafailovici, on the shoreline, next to the one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean lies Hotel Obala. Hotel obala is a perfect choice for your vacation, and gives you the opportunity to experience all the natural sea beauty.

Family RafailoviŠ that has been known for decades for offering an exquisite private and pleasant atmosphere that makes the guests feel relaxed and comfortable owns hotel. The Obala restaurant, first of the properties owned by family RafailoviŠ was founded in 1979. Hotel offers accommodation in rooms, studio apartments and suites, and the only thing separating the guests from the beautiful beach is the promenade that stretches throughout the whole coast of Budva.

Hotel restaurant, that offers impressive cuisine and various specialties is located on the beach in front of the hotel. From the restaurant there is a magnificent view of the Mediterranean and the island St. Nikola.

Our guests are offered breakfast and dinner as a basic package. The restaurant offers free Wi-Fi.